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Project in a Box Organization

UC San Diego, Department of ECE

Engineer Ln, San Diego, CA 92093

EBU I #3325

Contact Email: pib@eng.ucsd.edu 

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{ FAQ }

Q: What is Project in a Box?
We are a student organization at UCSD that builds engineering projects that make an impact! We aim to foster a community of makers in order to empower students to invent and launch their careers - we pursue this vision by making projects accessible to students, promoting a hands-on approach to engineering education wherein students learn to place theory into practical, creative applications.

Q: I'm a student, how can I join?
Join on our website here!

Q: Why should I join?

  • Gain hands-on experience through project building, which can help you land summer internships and full-time jobs upon graduation.

  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills through leading or working on a project team.

  • Improve technical skills. If you don’t have any previous experience, we’re here to help! We will provide you with technical training and teach you everything you need for project building at our technical workshops!

  • Join a community of makers who are enthusiastic about project building!

Q: What majors are in Project in a Box?
Most of our members are engineering or STEM related majors, but we are very interdisciplinary and are increasing our major diversity. You don’t even need to be an engineering major. We will teach you all the skills you need for project building at our technical workshops!

Q: What kinds of events can I attend?

  • GBMs: General Body Meetings for project pitches and updates on upcoming events and opportunities.

  • Technical workshops: learn hands-on skills to help you with project building.

  • Outreach events: mentor at outreach workshops for K-12 students in the San Diego community.

  • Social events: get to know other PiB members at study jams and other social events.

  • Professional events: learn professional skills and attend lab tours.

Q: How can I stay connected?

Q: How can I get more involved?
Want to be an active PiB member? Here are ways to get involved:

  1. Be active on Discord

  2. Come to our meetings, workshops, socials, and other events

  3. Pitch a project and assemble a team 

  4. Join a project team 

  5. Join our officer board

  6. Join a committee

  7. Incubate/vet a completed project