Our Project in a Box (PiB) team is dedicated to developing hands-on projects to help students gain practical skills for their future. Our team strives to make an impact in everything we create.

We care about making projects accessible for all generations of engineers. Our unique outreach programs include a focus on teaching and inspiring the younger generation to build, program, and engineer. Our efforts have paid off  through our collaborative and independent workshops both on and off campus.


To join a program, create a new collaboration with the PiB team, or for more information: 

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Outreach Programs

  • SD Public Library

    PiB's first Virtual Workshop Series! PiB is partnering with the San Diego Public Library system to bring monthly workshops to families starting October 2020. Families will be able to pick up PiB project kits from their local libraries prior to the workshop and then join a video chat with PiB members and other families.

    More info to come!

  • Family Program

    Families are invited to UC San Diego's on campus Makerspace to participate in fun, engaging workshops hosted by PiB. Each family is given a project kit and spends a Saturday morning building their project together. Workshops are typically offered January through March, 1-2 times per month every year.

    We are unsure how COVID-19 will be affecting 2021's Family Program at this time. Stay tuned for more info!

Project Kits

Here are some of the projects that PiB offers at workshops!

Dancing robot
Line following robot
Magic 8 Cube
Magic 8 Ball, but make it a box!
Detects the color of the block that is inside!
Intro to Arduino
Teaches the basics of arduino uno and circuits.
Candy Sorter
Sorts candy based on the color!
Wall avoiding robot!
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Past Event Galleries

On-Campus Workshops

PiB loves hosting workshops for all ages at UCSD's on campus Makerspace. Here are some pics from past workshops!

SD Community Events

We love to support the San Diego on and off UCSD campus! Here are some of the events where PiB members have gone into the community to inspire future generations to explore engineering. 

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Intro to Arduino

Teaches the basics of arduino uno and circuits.