Our Story

Our team started in early 2016 with the goal of changing the educational paradigm of our engineering community at UC San Diego. Identifying the lack of hands-on skills in our students, we formed a team to develop self-contained project kits that taught students specific hands-on skills to complement their theoretical classes. Since then, we've launched programs, courses, research projects, and much more! We're still a young team and are always evolving.


Our Hands-on History








Prof. Nguyen is appointed chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Hands-on Revolution in the ECE Department.
"Bring the E back to ECE"

Envision Studio Doors Open.
Hands-on Revolution in JSOE in full steam.

Project in a Box Team co-founded by undergraduate student, Phuong Truong, and Professor Nguyen. Members of Divergent Engineering, IEEE, and HKN form the original members of Project in a Box.

Fall 2016: ECE 196 is created and offered to ECE students based on PiB kits.

Fall 2017: Project in a Box breaks into four divisions: R&D, Inspire, Launch, and Partnership.

Summer 2019: Project in a Box removes Launch and Partnership Division. R&D and Inspire fuses back together to a single organization, Project in a Box. 

Project in a Box workspace opens its doors for the first time for members of the community to use.

Project in a Box continues rapid growth in membership, partnerships with student orgs, outreach programs.

Project in a Box expands outreach programs through partnering with the San Diego Public Library to host virtual workshops for K-12 students.

Project in a Box hosts first annual Innovation Conference and Competition virtually to celebrate engineering education at Jacobs School of Engineering.

Hands-on Courses We've Impacted