Outreach Programs

The outreach efforts of Project in a Box have impacted thousands of students to date. We have created workshops, programs, courses, collaborations with faculty, and more. Our PiB members gain a tremendous amount of communication skills through their mentorship in our workshops.


Upcoming Programs

Virtual Workshops w. SD Public Library

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PiB's first Virtual Workshop Series! PiB is partnering with the San Diego Public Library system to bring monthly workshops to families starting October 2020. Families will be able to pick up PiB project kits from their local libraries prior to the workshop and then join a video chat with PiB members and other families. More info to come!

Project in a Box Family Program


Families are invited to UC San Diego's on campus Makerspace to participate in fun, engaging workshops hosted by PiB. Each family is given a project kit and spends a Saturday morning building their project together. Workshops are typically offered January through March, 1-2 times per month every year. We are unsure how COVID-19 will be affecting 2021's Family Program at this time. Stay tuned for more info!

Past Outreach Activities and Collaborations


Family Program

The family program is one of our most important flagship programs. We invite our alumni, faculty, staff, and parents in the San Diego area to participate in hands-on project building with their middle school and high school children. It has been a success in all of our previous years! The program is free and is approximately 3 hours during weekends.


IDEA Center

Our workshops cover a breadth of student ages including middle school, high school and college level. We collaborated with the IDEA Center on a SWEET Workshop to introduce our freshman and current students to Arduino! 


Pathways Program

We collaborated with UC San Diego Extension to help support their Pathways Program. We worked with over 120 students of the course of a four days on robotics, programming, circuits, and more!