These resources are provided for our project teams within Project in a Box.
Our Current Teams and Committees (Live Sheets)

These are internal links to our direct sign ups within teams and current members within teams. This provides the Project Director and Committee leads the ability to oversee the teams and quickly assign members. 

Make Sure You Are A Full Member

Make sure you join our community platforms to make sure you don't miss a beat and are in contact with our officers. 

Project Resources and Support

Once your project is approved by the officer board, you are ready to get started! What do you need? How can we help? The Project Director is your main point of contact. 


Let us know if you need team members, parts, equipment, etc. to accomplish your project! Remember to take lots of pictures so you can submit to the Innovation Conference and compete!

Project Team Deliverables by end of each Academic Year:


(1) Project Prototype

(2) Website + GitHub of Documentation

(3) Register for Conference

Note on Documentation

Documentation on website is a way for you to provide updates and progress on your project. Document as you go on your project development journey. Take lots of pictures, discuss challenges, discuss steps taken, discuss progress. You can build a fancy website or use a website building platform like Wix or Google Sites. 

When you are done with your project, you can go above and beyond and finalize your documentation with step by step instructions: