You can't spell Project in a Box without projects. The core of what we  do is engineering, project development, and written  communication. We have a breadth of projects that include engineering projects, outreach projects, research projects, as well as start up projects. There's literally a project for every type of engineer. Check out our collection and don't forget to join

Research Project | Active

The OmniCarrier

In this project, students are building a self-balancing stair-climbing robot to help the disabled gain access to their basic needs. 

Kaleb Yates

Research Project | Active

Portable Fundus

Build a portable fundus to enable point of care imaging of the retina and detect early diseases such as macula degeneration. This project utilizes embedded systems and optics to view and image the eye.

Buu Truong

Outreach Project | Active

Intro to Java

This project teaches high school students about programming in Java by building their own virtual escape game! Students can design their very own gaming enviornment 

Christie Lincoln

Research Project | Active

VR Arm Sleeve

Wearable and easy-to-attach inertial modules wirelessly connected to a smartphone with an interface allowing the user to record, analyze and share their motion statistics for purposes ranging from sports and entertainment to medicine and physical therapy.

Marcin Kieberinski

Engineering Project | Active

Flower Classification App

This machine learning application detects and classifies flowers in your garden! Learn how to build an app, perform machine learning, and more!

Sophia Lau

Start Up | Active


A gait corrective insole for Parkinson's Disease Patients that collects, collates and analyzes gait data for use by medical professionals as well as enables physical therapy with vibrational feedback and cueing.

Tanish Jain

Engineering Project | Active

Intro to Python

Students learn how to program hardware in Python. A quick introduction to python programming, circuits, and electronics using CircuitPython platform.

Katie Hsieh

Start Up Project | Active


CampusHub enables students to locate a variety campus resources that suit their specific needs. Resources may include tutors, student organizations, research opportunities, grants, competitions, collaborators, and much more!

Akshat Mittal, Alex Levine

Engineering Project | Active


A machine learning project that trains your computer to play chess! Students build a software interface where users can play against the computer.

Anthony Yang

Engineering Project | Active

Smart Heated Gloves

Utilizing sensors, controls, IoT, PCB design, and machine learning, this pair of electric heating gloves is designed to mitigate the day-to-day problems faced by individuals afflicted with Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Jonathan Guerrero

Research Project | Active

Ambisonic Microphone

The goal of this project is to use the exciting open-source designs created by other Universities to make the most accessible Higher Order Ambisonic (HOA) microphone.

Gabriel Zalles


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