C/O 2021 & Faculty Advisor Shoutouts

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Sophia Lau

4th year • Data Science • Sixth

PiB Member Since: 2017

Projects/Committees: Innovation Conference, Flower Classification app, Candy Color Sorter

Senior Quote: "eh I'm sure you'll figure it out"

How many cats do you dream of having when you are 80 years old? I would like to have one cat and one dog and see whether the cat becomes more dog-like or the dog becomes more cat-like, for science.

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Christie Lincoln

4th year • Computer Eng • Warren

PiB Member Since: Fall 2019

Projects/Committees: Outreach Committee, Intro to Java

Senior Quote: "eating ice cream isn't always the answer, but it is always a suggestion"

Describe with at least three sentences or 30 words, your experience with boba in lemonade: Drinking lemonade with boba is a whole new level of the boba experience. In order to get the highest quality, I recommend the honey lemonade + boba from Din Tai Fung. Once you try the perfect duo of sweet lemony goodness and chewy tapioca, you’ll never question the sanity of this combination ever again.


Jonathan Guerrero

5th year • Electrical Eng • ERC

PiB Member Since: Fall 2018

Projects/Committees: Reliability Engineering, Photoelectric Effect, Smart-Heated Gloves, Intro to Arduino, Intro2Arduino2, Innovation Conference, Outreach, Technical Workshop, +

Senior Quote: "If I can make spreadsheets it this far, so can you! Congrats to the class of 2021, and good luck to the younger generations! It's been a pleasure!"


Nick Stein

BS Electrical Eng (Circuits) • Muir

PiB Member Since: 2017

A sentence or three on what your role is: As PiB's Staff Advisor, I provide mentorship to all the project teams with an emphasis on those involving outreach. I also provide logistical support for both technical and outreach workshops as well as host my own workshops from time to time (insert shameless plug Check out my Inkscape and Lasers workshop series fall quarter!).

What are your favorite movies? Iron Man, Shaolin Soccer (a must see!!!), and Ong Bak


Jesse Soto

5th year • Electrical Eng • Warren

PiB Member Since: Fall 2019

Projects/Committees: Technical Workshop Committee, Quadcopter

Senior Quote: "Fake it 'till you make it"

Describe what the dream pizza in at least 3 sentences or 30 words: From a basic start of cheese and tomato sauce, add pepperoni and Italian sausage for meat. Onions and mushrooms for veggies (slightly cook them before hand to get rid of raw taste). Then add Cholula hot sauce after pizza is cooked for spice and to have the vinegary-ness cut through the fat. Just perfect.


Phuong Truong

4th year Phd Candidate • MAE Dept

PiB Member Since: 2016 (Founder)

A sentence or three on what your role is: I’m a retired PiB member who sticks around still trying to help out wherever I can. Most of my contribution this year was co-chairing the PiB Innovation Conference this year with Sophia, Jonathan, Ryan, and Jacob. We were a great team! Loved that they still let me be involved, haha.

What are you top 3 favorite movies: Inside Out, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Pursuit of Happyness