There's several ways you as a student can get involved. Our members are primarily from UC San Diego ECE, but we welcome all majors and students from different universities to participate! 

Projects and Workshops

Projects and technical workshops to help you build your engineering skills.

Innovation Conference

Competition and conference to celebrate engineering education and student projects.



Committees to lead impact initiatives and mentorships at workshop.


Officer Roles

Officer positions open to take leadership and communication skills to the next level.

Projects and Workshops + Socials 

In Project in a Box, we welcome and fund all types of projects. Typically, we have various types of projects that students build including outreach, engineering, research, and start ups. You can pitch a project to our team to get your project funded and find team members. If you do not have a project, you can join an existing team. If you want to start a new team, but don't have a project idea, we have a project bulletin you can check out! No experience? No problem :) We have introductory projects that we build as well to help grade school students learn programming, robotics, etc. 

To attend a workshop to gain skills or participate in our socials, check out our calendar and other social media platforms! If you've signed up for our newsletter, you should hear from us every time we have upcoming events! 

Innovation Conference and Competition

The Innovation Conference and Competition aims to celebrate student projects and our impact in engineering education at the Jacobs School of Engineering. Students working on outreach, engineering, and research projects give presentations on their work and progress this past year. This is a chance for students to practice public speaking, deliver technical information, communicate, and more. Prizes to be handed out to the top performing students and teams on their project documentation or paper. Open to all students, faculty, and staff at UC San Diego to submit a presentation or talk.

Leadership Committees

Our leadership committees help our organization reach the impact potential it was created to achieve. Committee members are comprised of Project in a Box members organized in a sub-group to help support our officer board. Committees are formed depending on the initiatives currently ongoing in the team. We typically have committees such as an Outreach Committee and Innovation Conference Committee. 

Officer Leadership Positions

Being an officer challenges your leadership and communication skills in ways that group projects in courses can't. Leadership in student organizations help broaden your professional network, challenge you to think outside of the box, and fine tune your ability to identify problems and solve them with the influence that comes with your position. We have Elections every April or May to elect a new officer board and special elections now and then to fill vacant officer positions.